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  • Footing Inspection for Allowable Bearing Capacity

    The soil supporting new footings for residential projects requires an inspection to determine the allowable bearing capacity in kPa as determined by your engineer. Once piers and footings have been excavated, an inspection by Idealcorp will determine the soil density before you start placing steel and pouring concrete.

    What’s involved

    Where feasible, we will DCP your soil to check the kPa that has been achieved.
    A visual inspection will also be performed to ensure that the base is free of water and impediments.
    On completion, documentation will be issued stating the achievement of the engineer’s required kPa.

    When to arrange the inspection

    After footings and piers have been excavated and before placing steel reinforcement
    We provide three timely options to assist you as quickly as possible to keep your project on track.

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